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Choosing the Right Throwing Tomahawk for You


It is a typical challenge when it comes to deciding the best throwing tomahawk that suits your size and strength. Prior from starting, one must be totally true to his self. Nearly everyone is capable of tossing and sticking tomahawks in various manner and size. However, don’t you wish to have more than just the common throwing tomahawk–one that sticks consistently. Is that right?

Yes, you’ve come to the right page my friend. Here is the quick guide for people coming from different backgrounds to the right way in considering your tomahawk.

1. Is This The Tomahawk Brand For Me?

2. Does The Size of the Tomahawk Suits Me?

Initially, what brand of tomahawk is most excellent for throwing?

One of the frequently asked question. Cold Steel, SOG, Gerber, CAS Hanwei, Wetterlings, United Cutlery, and many others are just some examples of the famous tomahawk brands trending nowadays. But among these brands that could be right for you will still depend on you. Aside from considering the price that comes with each brand, another way of finding out the suitable brand for you is to try each of them for yourself. Thus, a secure way to start is by choosing from our suggested brands such as Cold Steel, SOG, and United Cutlery.

Does the size of the tomahawk suits me?

Ideally, the length of the handle would depend on the height of the thrower. This is because the length from 14 to 21 inches is the standard range in throwing tomahawks and axes. Furthermore, the logic behind the handle size is that it is the one affecting the speed of the rotation. If you opt the one with a longer handle, position yourself farther away from your target since a longer handle means a slower hawk rotation speed.


The Easy Steps in Throwing a Tomahawk


Prior From Starting

Flinging a tomahawk can be done by anyone. Tomahawk throwing, also called as Hatchet, is considered as everyone’s annual fun game which can be performed outdoors. It has been practiced many years ago by Native Americans and Mountain Men in their log splitting chores, animal tracking, and also for their defense purposes. Acquiring these basic abilities allow you to become skilled at hurling whether it is a simple axe, hatchet, or a tomahawk.

Things to Remember Beforehand

Having a good board to aim at is a must as you start throwing your tomahawk or hatchet. The finest target would be some fallen tree’s cut rounds that is piled in a triangular formation. You can also assemble it in a tripod manner that would support the tree rounds. Learning how to throw a hawk would be more simple as the size of the target increases. Thus, you would prefer an older wood since its softer surface allows the blade in breaking into the logs easily.

Tomahawk Throwing Steps

1. From target, gauge a distance of about 13-14 ft

Measure about 13-14 ft or about 5-6 paces from the target and draw a line in the dirt. From this gap, the tomahawk, axe, or hatchet will undergo one revolution up until it touches the target. The length of the handle will determine the distance.

2. Ensure that the target is where your tomahawk’s blade is pointing at

You’ll never know how ignoring this obvious step can mislead to.

3. Position of the Pitcher

With the foot opposing your throwing arm, the pitcher’s position is where your feet should be positioned.

4. Hold handle at tomahawk’s base

Grip the handle close to or at the base with the tomahawk’s blade at the top.

5. Straight to and fro

Aiming for your target, carry the tomahawk evenly in a straight manner backwards and in a same straight way forward .

6. Finish off

Maintain your wrist locked and follow through with your arm.