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Best Survival Kit and Tools


When you want to camp out or hike you have to be prepared for the worst; bring along with you a trusty survival kit. So, what are the best survival kit and tools?

    1. Food/Protein bars – food is scarce in the wilderness, so better pack up before you find something to eat.
    2. Flashlight / Lamp – let there be light! You can navigate all the way back to your camp with some lighting especially in the woods. Where predators and creepers might lurk in the dark.
    3. Compass – how would you find your way back to your camp without directions? A compass is a better substitute for a map.
    4. Tin/metal cup – when you want to purify and boil your water, or cook foods. A tin/metal cup can be used as a drinking or cooking container.
    5. Whistle – this is a great handy tool. If you happen to be lost in the woods or want to find someone who is lost. Just blow your whistle and this would signal those who are near that you are within the vicinity.
    6. Rope/Paracord – from making your camp or making a raft, the possibilities are endless with a bundle of rope.
    7. First Aid Kit – a true blue Boy Scout wouldn’t leave the house without one. To properly dress your wound and prevent complications would mean everything in surviving the wilds.
    8. Lighter/Match/Fire starter – from purifying your water or cooking your meals, fire is one of the most essential things you have to secure.
    9. Knife/Axe – last but not the least, having a sturdy and sharp knife/axe would let you cut things to make a spear, help build your camp and most importantly, it’s a line of defense in case wild animals show up.

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