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How to maintain, clean and take care of your throwing tomahawk

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Like any prized tool or collection, a throwing tomahawk will perform and last longer if you take proper care of it. You have to make sure that you have the proper cleaning tools and as much as possible work with your gloves as needed to prevent cuts.

There are three basic factors that you have to consider to take care of your throwing tomahawk, 1) Keep the tomahawk clean, 2) keep a sharp cutting blade or edge, 3) and protect the throwing tomahawk from damage or rust.

  1. Keep the tomahawk clean

As the saying goes, “Clean as you go”. Every practice or throwing sessions make it a habit to clean your throwing tomahawks. What do you need?

  • Clean cloth
  • Water
  • (Optional) Tomahawk protective oil

                Steps in cleaning:

Step 1: Rinse the throwing tomahawk with water if there are hard to remove dirt on the blade.

As much as possible, don’t let water run down on the wooden handle, especially if your handle isn’t the coated type.

Step 2: Dry with clean cloth. The blades and handle must be really dry!

Step 3 (Optional): If you don’t mind paying an extra buck on those specialty oils for throwing tomahawks, then, you could try it.

Step 4: Inspection your throwing tomahawks if there are dents.  You could file those dents if possible.

  1. Keep a sharp cutting blade or edge

When sharpening the blade of the tomahawk, if you’re not that of an expert, you could use a vice grip to keep the blade steady while you file it manually to your desired sharpness. For polished tomahawks, its best to use those very fine grit sharpeners or file, to preserve the beauty and shine of those types of tomahawks.

  1. Protect the throwing tomahawk from damage or rust.
    • Proper storage – before putting tomahawk into your case shelf, remember to encase them in their sheaths.
    • Maintenance – Keep the throwing tomahawks in a cool dry place, where it is free from moist. You could use WD-40 for maintenance. If your tomahawk is below freezing temperature, remember to heat them first before using to prevent chipping.

Whatever type of throwing tomahawk you’re into, always follow the three golden rule, clean, sharpen and maintenance. Surely, your throwing tomahawks will cut deep and sharp as when you first bought it.